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History of LVNAT

The History of Licensed Vocational Nurses Association of Texas

Founded in 1950, the Licensed Vocational Nurses Association of Texas serves as the voice of LVNs in Texas. Initially called the Practical Nurse Association of Texas, the organization changed its name to LVNAT and was incorporated in the state of Texas in 1951; this was also the year when the Vocational Nurse Act was signed into law, allowing the State Board of Vocational Nurse Examiners to license vocational nurses through examinations (what we now know as the NCLEX-PN).* This paved the way for the first vocational nurses to become licensed in 1952.

LVNAT has been amplifying the voice of LVNs in the state while advocating for their professional rights and advancement.

Leadership Officers

Get To Know Our Officers


Adam Ramirez LVN, WCN-C, IV-C President

With ten years of experience as an LVN, Adam Ramirez has explored and grown in the profession, especially in mental health, home health, hospice, med/surgery, wound care, infusion, emergency care, and urgent care. Before earning his LVN license, he was an EMT/Firefighter for six years.

Currently, Adam serves patients needing tailored care as a Specialty Nurse and shares his expertise as a college instructor.

Tammy Wolff LVN Secretary/Treasurer

With hands-on experience working in physician’s clinics and the areas of long-term care, pediatrics, HEDIS, and Detention, Tammy Wolff has touched various aspects of nursing as an LVN for 11 years. Tammy has been a member of the LVNAT since the beginning of her career as an LVN and has been active in advocating for the rights and recognition of LVN in Texas.

Before gaining her LVN, Tammy worked as a home health provider. Tammy currently works as a wound care specialty nurse.